How I Got Here

Writing is my escape from the world, but at the same time, it is how I connect to it. Writing allows me to be creative, get my thoughts and feelings out. On the days when I feel like drowning, writing throws that life jacket over to me. It is why I am writing this on a loose-leaf paper off my boyfriend’s school binder in his car. I go through periods of time in which I do not pick up a pen other than to do homework, but there is just something that keeps bringing me back to it. It’s almost like I was born to write.

Blogging is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now. In fact, I started a blog about three years. I did not launch it, I did not write a single thing on it. It wasn’t until I began reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic that I realized I let fear win and to some extent, dictate how I run my life. After reading the first section, I was determined to create a blog, and not give up on it. My fear wasn’t that no one would read what I have to say. I know that it can take months, even years, to build a large following. My fear was that my writing would not be good enough. I guess that is something that I constantly struggle with. Nevertheless, this is where I am now. I wrote the first draft of this about four months ago. I constantly found an excuse not to work on this blog, and when I finally did, the perfectionist side of me took over and wanted the design to be perfect. Now I realize that will take some time as well. If I keep waiting until it looks perfect to actually post on here, then it would take me another three years.

My life has been pretty hectic in these past few months. I was pretty harsh with myself for not posting at first, but I realize that it’s okay. I am going through a lot of transitions in my life. I am in that awkward stage of becoming an actual adult and still relying on my parents for some basic things. It’s okay that I didn’t post for so long, life can get busy, but writing is something that brings me joy, and I want to hold on to those types of things.

While I’m not entirely sure what direction this blog is heading in, I hope that you will stick around to find out and bear with me as I figure it out. I am excited to finally have a place on the internet where I can talk about life through my point of view and write the type of posts that I want to read even if I am the only person to read them.

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