Yes, You Do See Color

Whenever a race-related issue comes up, there is always that one person that asks “Why does everything have to be about color?” Even worse, is the person that says “I don’t see color.” Well, I have some shocking news for you. The first two things we notice about anyone is their gender and the color of their skin. It’s an instinct. So you can claim you’re colorblind all you want, but you do indeed see color.

Generally speaking, the people that say this have good intentions. They want world peace and want people to know they aren’t racist. The truth is if you can get away with saying these types of things then you have privilege. An individual may “not see color,” but police officers do. Government officials do. Hiring managers do. It doesn’t matter that you “don’t see color” because the rest of the world does. People are being killed and discriminated against because of their skin color every day. Surely, you cannot be that ignorant to what is going on around you. Recognizing that we are all treated differently because of our race is important. We cannot solve this problem until people, especially white people, admit that our skin color does make a difference.

Our color plays such a huge role in our lives, not just in negative ways. Our blackness and brownness are what make use who we are. We are proud of our skin color. We are proud of the unity that it brings in our community. We are proud of the cultures we have created. Our culture and identity cannot be compromised just because that’s what makes you more comfortable. We have not fought so hard to be recognized just for you to take that way and whitewash us. We have not suffered years upon years for you to think that the injustice we face will be solved by pretending that you are colorblind. We will not just sit there and watch you pretend that we are equal. Yes, in the end, we are all humans, and we are all children of the universe and whatnot, but we cannot just sing around the campfire holding hands and act as if we are not treated differently and with injustice.

Believing that you are colorblind enables you to continue living in a fantasy world that is inhabited by people with white privilege. It allows you to not do anything about the injustices going on in the world. If you really want to live in a world where we are treated no different because of our skin color, then you have to recognize that yes, you do see color. 

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