Goal Setting For 2019

It’s the beginning of the year and all I see are “new year, new me” posts. Don’t you just love them?

Actually, yes. 

If you are anything like me, then the start of the new year brings forth a sense of freshness and motivation. In a way, the new year is a chance to start over. Everyone knows that at the strike of the midnight we are still the same, change does not happen overnight simply because we write it down. Becoming a better version of ourselves is a slow and steady process. It is done through daily habits and small changes to our routines. 

Coming up with these new habits and intentions can be quite challenging, which is why it is vital that you self-reflect. While this is the time to look for improvements, do not get caught up in them. Look for the positive aspects that you wish to carry on to 2019 too. Here are the questions I asked myself to set my yearly goals. 

Why are you proud of yourself?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself. I thought I would have about three things on my list, but I was able to fill a whole a page with answers. They do not have to be big things, tiny victories make a difference too and they should be equally celebrated.

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is key when trying to live a more positive life. Focusing on the good instead of the negative will help you realize that maybe your year wasn’t so bad after all.

How do you picture yourself in a year from now? / How do you want to feel in 2019?

This is a question that I took from Lavendaire. Instead of doing a “current me vs future me,” I just did a future me. Close your eyes and try to picture yourself a year from now. Have you taken up a new hobby? Have you changed up your appearance? Have you finally crossed something off your bucket list? Now is the time to decide what you want and write it down. Equally important, how do you want to feel in 2019? List all those feelings out.

What do you need to let go of for these to come true?

In order for that visualization to come true, there must be changes. Are there people that hold you down? Are there any self-limiting beliefs that you have? Write down anything that might stop you from achieving your ideal 2019 self. If you really want to get into it, then burn that piece of paper or tear it into tiny pieces.

Choose a theme or word of the year

Take a look at your answers to question three. Is there something that keeps appearing? Do all your answers go under one specific category? Find your theme or word of the year. This will be your main focus. Most of your goals should help you enhance your theme or word. My themes are gratitude and creativity. I created goals that would help me be more grateful and give me a creative outlet. Some other examples of themes are adventure, simplifying, and mindfulness. Of course, this question/step is optional, but the more sense you have of what you want, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Create personal policies

Creating your personal policies is genius and I can’t believe I had not thought of it before. This is one I took from Muchelle B. Personal policies will help you focus on the positive and avoid doing things that will waste your time. They can be about anything: fitness, finance, how you spend your time. They are your golden rules for the new year.

Hopefully asking yourself these questions help you gain clarity and plan for the new year like they did me. I was evidently inspired by Lavendaire and Muchelle B. They have greatly helped me with getting my life together, and not just for the new year. 

With all this talk about improving your life and resolutions, I need to say that it is not necessary for everyone. For some people, just having one new intention is more than enough. Please do not be so harsh on yourself this time of year. Reflecting and setting goals are supposed to help improve your life, they are not meant for you to bring yourself down. 

I hope the new year is filled with joyous moments and manifestations coming true.

Best wishes, 


3 thoughts on “Goal Setting For 2019

  1. Super helpful post! def going to write this down in my journal tonight 🙂
    Also your writing is really nice and calming somehow lol thanks for sharing these tips!

    — Kiki


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