6 Tips for Increasing Productivity

The weeks after spring break can be the most stressful of the semester. There are no more breaks nor days off until the end of the semester and the motivation from the beginning of the year is slowly decreasing. I gathered these tips that will help you stay productive during this time.

Tidy up in the morning before leaving to work or school.I found that I feel unmotivated when I get home to a messy environment. It is much easier for me to keep that flow of inspiration and productivity when my space is clear and I don’t have to worry about cleaning. However, if I wait until the end of the day to clean, I usually get too lazy and end up leaving the mess to build up even more.

Fill out a planner the night before. This way, all my ideas are written down and I do not forget anything. If I find myself waking up late in the morning or in a rush to get out the door, I will not have to worry about planning my day. With this tip, comes checking my bullet journal first thing in the morning. That way I have a clear intention of what I want to get done.

Do homework right after class. I try to stay even just thirty extra minutes on campus to get started on my assignments. This prevents me from going to my autopilot habit of procrastination. Like I mentioned before, it is easier to get things done once that productivity mode has been enacted.

Take breaks. Whether it be from homework or writing a new blog post, it is important to not stay sitting for too long. Getting up and taking breaks actually increases productivity and gets those ideas flowing.

Don’t watch TV until the end of the day. This is something that I still have to work on personally. It is very easy to get sucked into a show or a movie that leads to hours of binge-watching. It is best to think watching some tv as a reward once everything has been completed rather than something to cross off on a to-do list.

Have three priorities. Although this is something I had heard several times before, it was something that I hardly paid attention to. After taking this into practice I can say that I do not feel as stressed as I used to when looking at my planner. Choosing my top three priorities of the day allows me to focus my attention better and be more productive.

I hope these tips help increase your productivity during the last few weeks of the semester. No need to worry about doing all of these things at once, just picking up one or two at first can help.

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