16 Things I Wish I Knew At 16

To my little sister – because I asked you for ideas on what to write about, and you said “me.” I figured writing about you or to you directly on here would be a bit strange so instead here are 16 things I wish I knew when I was 16.

  1. Sleep is not for the weak. I was dumb and said stuff like “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” Although it is true, it is also stupid. Dark circles are awful. Also, if your homework isn’t done by 11, then it is not going to be done that night. Do not lose sleep over homework! Even if teachers tell you – you should.
  2. Appreciate your parents. I know they can be harsh and annoying at times, but they have your best interest at heart. Spend more time trying to make a connection with them. You’ll miss them when you move out, even if it is what you have dreaming about for years.
  3. Boys (and girls) generally suck (but you already knew that). Dating should not be the center of your high school career, but you already knew that. As cheesy as it sounds, love will come when it wants to, and it is usually when you least expect.
  4. Being vulnerable is the bravest thing you can do. Open up to other people, even if they can end up hurting you. Being vulnerable is uncomfortable, but when you find the right people, it is so worth it.
  5. High school grades are not all that. They are not worth your tears nor loss of sleep nor anxiety; unless you are trying to get into an ivy league school, they don’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, being at the top of your class will be an advantage, but everything starts over in college.
  6. Clean room, clean mind. I’m not just saying this to get you to clean your room. You will feel less anxious and more productive when your environment is clean, trust me.
  7. Spending time outside actually helps with anxiety. Shocking, right? There is just something about nature and sunlight that calms you down.
  8. Not everything has to be perfect. Not your essay. Not your art. What matters is that they get done.
  9. Passive aggressiveness? We don’t know her. Don’t waste your time with snarky comments and silent treatments; all that does is keep you in a negative mood.
  10. Speak up for yourself. Speak up for what you need and stand up for yourself. Tell people that you are mad. Tell people that you need space and you will be fine. Nobody can read your mind, so communication is critical.
  11. Friends come and go – even the ones that have been around since the beginning. Appreciate the ones you have now. Who you spend time with affects you in so many ways, especially at 16, so make sure to nourish those friendships that bring you positivity.
  12. The world does not revolve around you. This is a good thing! Not a lot of people care about what you wear or your hair. Not every little thing that someone says is because of you. People have their things going on, so don’t take things personally. Nobody will remember all those embarrassing things you did or said, and they probably weren’t embarrassing in the first place.
  13. Crying is good. There is nothing wrong with crying. It does not make you weak. A crying session now and then is very refreshing.
  14. Create! That sketch idea you have? That one topic you have wanted to write on? That one photograph you’ve wanted to shoot? Do it! Just create, regardless if it comes out right. You will get better with time; you have to get started and put your work out there. Also, do not be embarrassed about your creations.
  15. Don’t wash your hair every day. Seriously. No matter what mom says.
  16. Enjoy your life the way it is at sixteen. Take moments to capture all the little things in your life. Lunch at school, watching Netflix, going to the store with mom. All those moments seem so insignificant, yet they’re how you’re going to remember your life.

4 thoughts on “16 Things I Wish I Knew At 16

  1. OMG #1 so true. luckily I am a sleepy gal so I can’t even stay up late to study or do homework so I naturally work on it at good times. Also “I’ll rest when im dead” lol people in highschool would always say that because of this song by some band it goes “sleep is for the weak..” and then says bad words and how they will sleep when they’re dead lol! I was just like OK, but it’s true, some people just have like insomnia and junk.

    I really like how you say that not everything revolves around you. I def don’t believe that BUT I am always acting worried and don’t usually behave how i would behave when im home alone, so it’s like im never really myself around ppl because i care too much of what they think/i worry that they will judge me. Well truth is nobody cares!! and yes youre right, nobody will remember the embarasing things lol. I remember i came out the bathroom with my skirt tucked in my leggings and walked passed all the students waiting in the hall from gym to go to class and omg… noone said anything until i went back into the bathroom…
    anyways, im sure nobody remembers and only i do lol
    Thanks for sharing, i really like these kind of posts hehe


    1. I got that saying from my grandma lol, she constantly says this. I struggle to sleep, but when I was in high school I would stay up often to get homework done. And thank you! The whole “not everything revolves around you” is more complicated, but for the purpose of this blog post, I decided that it’s true. Reading your story gave me flashbacks to something that happened to me, except I wasn’t wearing leggings so everyone saw my spandex. I forgot that happened but at the time it was super embarrassing. Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it!


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