How I Deal With Anxiety

Trigger Warning: Anxiety

As of lately, my anxiety has felt more intense, and I have been isolating myself. My anxiety attacks bring nausea and other physical symptoms that used not to happen before. On the other hand, I am getting better at recognizing when I am having an anxiety attack, even if it is not the usual kind or when one is bound to happen soon.

While I am more aware of my symptoms, I am also practicing not to suppress my anxiety. To not push it back until it gets too strong for me and spins out of control. Since I have not experienced panic attacks, it is easy for me to “wait through” my anxiety attacks as in I don’t try to control it. I tell myself to breathe and remind myself that it will be over soon. Anxiety attacks are temporary. Honestly, I am unsure if this is a healthy method to deal with anxiety.

It is no secret that Latinxs do not take mental health as seriously as they should. I cannot talk about anxiety with most people in my family, especially if they are older than me. I already know the response that I am going to get. Maybe praying works for some people, but sometimes anxiety is stronger than a few prayers.

Here are some things that help reduce my anxiety:

  • Writing
  • Meditation – I should probably do this more often as it increases how calm I feel.
  • Yoga – Again, this is something I know I should do more often, but I get lazy.
  • Getting sunshine
  • Decluttering – Everything from social media following lists to clothes and other belongings
  • Focusing on what I can control – and try not to worry about what I cannot.

When I am having an anxiety attack, doing these things below help me get through them

  • Hugging someone – Eventually, your hearts beat at the same rhythm. Sometimes, this does not help, and being touched makes it worse.
  • Going outside – Like I said before, getting some sun helps reduce my anxiety. Being surrounded by nature makes me feel more connected.
  • Listening to my “Calm” playlist
  • Letting myself cry and talking to someone about it – Even if I feel like they do not understand or that I may sound absurd

I am no mental health expert. These are just things that help me. Everyone reacts differently, and every anxiety attack is different. There is no one correct way to “deal” with anxiety attacks, but I hope this post helped you out in some way.

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