Romanticizing Life

I often make my life seem better in my mind than how it is. I pretend like some moments in my life are from a movie scene. 

Many years ago, I read a Tumblr post that essentially encourages romanticizing life. As I get older, I realize just how important this is.

Make a big deal out of everything in life, whether it is something that happens daily or something important. Make an occasion out of every day; otherwise, life feels pretty dull. Write down moments that describe how your life is right now. 

Maybe this is a coping mechanism. For what? I’m not sure. Perhaps for the fact that life is painfully short and temporary, and I have not entirely accepted that fact yet.

So what if I remember life happier than it was? I prefer that to just remembering the bad emotions I felt at a specific time. 

Note: While trying to find the quote I was talking about, I stumbled upon several quotes that note the importance of not romanticizing eating disorders and unhealthy habits. When I write about romanticizing life, I am referring to the days that bring you joy and the day-to-day tasks that we often view as mundane. 

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