How I Plan as a Student

Planning is essential to succeed in school. If I do not plan, I do not get my work done on time, and my anxiety increases. The way I plan changes throughout the years as the way I plan depends on my needs. Sometimes these steps are minimized, or the tools (bullet journal, Google Calendar, agenda) change, but the gist remains the same.

Going through syllabi: This semester, I am trying something new, and so far, I find it helpful. I got this idea from Caitlin’s Corner. I list out all the readings and homework assignments I have due. However, I write the most important assignments, such as presentations and exams, on Google Calendar as well. Although this may seem tedious, I avoid constantly flipping through my syllabi. 

Assign classes: I assign days to classes to have a structure during my week. I try to only work on those classes on the days I assign, but sometimes I have assignments from other courses that I did not complete. I leave the weekends empty, but I use them if I fall behind or if I have an exam coming up.

Monthly: At the beginning of the month, I refer back to Google Calendar to check if I have any major assignments or important events. I write these on my agenda if they are not already there. I also have a cleaning list that I refer to monthly. I assign each chore to a specific week or weeks. 

Bi-weekly: I plan my weeks two at a time. During this, I refer to my list of assignments. I plan to weeks at a time so that I know how my weeks look like without overwhelming myself. I avoid doing more than two weeks in case I fall behind in schoolwork, or due dates change. If I am getting in my classes and no longer have an idea of what I have to do, then I proceed to plan the following week. Another thing I do weekly is meal plan. 

Daily: I do not do this every day, just on my busy days. As you can see on my weekly agenda, I have three things at the top of each day. I like to choose my three most important tasks of the day and focus on getting those done. Anything else is a bonus. However, there are also days when I have appointments, work, or meetings, so daily planning comes in handy those days. 

Some might think the way I plan is excessive, some might think I need more steps, but this is the step that works for me. It took me a couple of years, but I think I finally have a system that works best. Do you have a system that helps you plan?

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