Habits I’m Implementing

Everyone makes posts about the habits you should be doing, but I hardly see people post about the habits they need to practice. I can sit here and tell you about what you should be doing to be more productive or to better your mental health, but the truth is I don’t always follow them myself. There is no need to feel bad if the lists of habits you are given seem impossible to complete. I am sure your favorite YouTubers and bloggers also struggle with following their advice. Since planning for this last quarter of the year, these are the habits I have chosen to implement.

Meditation – I have an on and off relationship with meditation ever since high school. There are months where I meditate almost daily, and then there are months that I go without meditating. I tend to feel better and much calmer when I meditate, so this is my priority.

Reading – Reading something during the semester is difficult for me. Though I know reading helps me relax and brings me joy, the last thing I want to do after reading four textbooks is more reading. Regardless, I am putting the habit of reading every day on my list this quarter.

15 minute clean – This is something I did pretty good for most of the year. For the past month, cleaning has been something that I do not want to do. I hope that by tracking the days where I clean, I will feel motivated.

Be active – This whole year has been pretty sedentary for me. Well, it has been most of my life. There have been a few weeks where I am pretty active, but I find any excuse to take a day off. Once you take two days off, it just gets easier to stop. My physical activity has decreased since last year, so I hope to pick it back up for the next three months.

These are the main habits that I hope to implement for the last quarter of the year. I suggest choosing no more than four habits for yourself. Since I am not used to doing all of these things, especially not at once, I am going to start by doing them twice a week. I will keep increasing the days I need to do them so that eventually they will be daily habits. I suggest you do the same, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. What habits will you be implementing?

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