Creatures of Creativity

YouTube videos. Photography accounts. Blogs. They are all proof that humans are creatures of creativity. We yearn to create to play sports. All of it is creativity. It is no surprise that social media is such a hit, we want to share our creations, and we want to see what others are doing. We want to connect through our art. Sure, some people do these things for the attention and potential income that comes with it. Underneath it all, most of us just want to be creative, and social media has made it easier for us to see the endless possibilities. We all need outlets for creativity.

This is why I will never understand those that make fun of others for making YouTube videos or for trying to be an influencer. It is comments like these that deter some people from creating or sharing what they have to offer. 

Everyone reading is a creator, whether or not you have started. That urge you have to write, to pick up a camera and start a YouTube channel, to post your photographs for people to see – it is all-natural. Your creativity is calling you, and it is up to you to act upon it. Even if you do not think that your creation is good enough, post that mediocre video, that mediocre blog entry, that mediocre photograph. What matters is that you create. Your work will eventually get to the point that you want to be, but it cannot get there if you do not start. Sharing your work is not necessary if you feel like you are not ready. But I hope that one day you get the confidence and believe in your work enough to share it with the rest of us.

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