Outgrowing Friendships

Part of growing up is finding your solid group of friends. Those that you know will be there for you when times get difficult. Fortunately, that also means cutting ties with some of your old friends. I say fortunately because even though it may hurt to let go of friendships, it is something we need to do to grow. 

I have come to the realization that some of my friendships no longer need my attention. I have known this for a while, yet still, I held on. Realizing that I have outgrown certain friends does not mean that I no longer care about them. I still do, but it is not the same anymore. I no longer have room for them in my life, and it is weird if I try to force it. And trust me, I have forced some friendships for as long as I could. I know that I have outgrown the friendship when the thought of them no longer being in my life no longer makes a difference in mine, and all I feel is guilt. 

I feel like we have become too different from each other, and not in a way that compliments one another. Not that your friends have to be exactly like you. There just comes a time when you realize your ideologies are not the same anymore. 

I am thankful for the advice, the laughter, and the shoulders to lean on. I will no longer force friendships and instead, I will let the universe decide. I am indifferent.

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