Outgrowing Friendships

Part of growing up is finding your solid group of friends. Those that you know will be there for you when times get difficult. Fortunately, that also means cutting ties with some of your old friends. I say fortunately because even though it may hurt to let go of friendships, it is something we need … Continue reading Outgrowing Friendships

Accepting Failure

Well, I finally did it; I failed. 2019 is the year I failed. I failed a couple of classes. I failed to post consistently. Even though I was taken back by this new concept of failure, I am okay with failing. I am glad that I failed. Despite failing, I still have the same hopes … Continue reading Accepting Failure


I missed a couple of Blogtober posts. I was so determined to catch up and to complete this challenge. That all changed yesterday. Directors Alex Rivera and Cristina Ibarra came to one of my classes to speak on their journeys as filmmakers and their new project. In the end, Rivera mentioned something that stuck with … Continue reading Authenticity